Ron Art

Art and Culture

During his younger years, Ron worked with the Corrections Department to paint over graffiti on the weekends. This experience has given Ron a deep understanding of paint application, surface reconstruction and an appreciation of the Artistic Counter-culture.

Ron is a keen music fan and believes that funding for the arts is a way of enhancing NZ culture. He will levy a variable rate of GST on music sales based on artistic merit.

Our Committment to you

Notional will:

  • Run free courses in artistic appreciation. Presented by prominent artists, these will include:
    • Anatomy of Vandalism - placing stock tickers on heritage buildings
    • You're Having a Laugh - how to acknowledge artists after they're famous overseas
    • Mosaics for the People - working toward an inclusive society through glued ceramics
  • provide paint grants to the youth
  • attempt to bring a Floyd reunion tour to the Springs
  • fund our most successful and wealthy artists to build capacity and avoid tax.