Ron Defends New Zealand

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Defence Spending

Defence spending in NZ is 1.1% of GDP (2003 - SIPRI database). Compare that with the peace-loving USA at 3.8%of GDP, they spent US$415 billion in 2003 of which US$16.8 billion was on nuclear weapons and 'secret things'. Ron is surprised we're only spending a billion bucks a year on the military, maybe it's because we have a 'defence' force and no-one ever really invades us. Ron reckons we can save some money on defence by just like loving everyone and stuff.

Nuclear Free - Ron by Lunchtime

Ron was surprised to hear that NZ doesn't even let nuclear ships visit. What would happen if we need the USA to save our ass from Commies like they did in the 60s? Then again, those ships do have a lot of radioactive stuff on them...

Enhance our relationship with allies based on mutual interest in a safer world

Notional will look to work with defence partners who:

  • Are signatories to the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty and who do not, possess or work towards the possession of nuclear based weapons.
  • recognise the International Criminal Court, a court designed to prosecute war criminals and leaders of countries that perform illegal war time acts
  • have members of cabinet that don't own shares in weapons manufacturing companies or have a vested interest in the extraction of resources from other countries
  • love each other, man.