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Ron recognises that Edukacion is probably the single most important portfolio for Notional. Ron has significant views on primary, post-primary and tertiary and life-long learning.

One Fair System

Notional propose a User-Pays system of life-long learning with a two-pronged approach.

Birth Until Later Learning (BULL) will test all newborns in NZ and situate them into an appropriate learning stream. Since funding for education will be partly means-tested, parental intelligence and qualifications will be part of the criteria for grading babies. BULL recognises that not everyone is cut out for an academic future and those that aren't will benefit just as much from a sub-standard education as from a good one.

Standard Holistic Integrated Training (SHIT) will be a whole-body approach teaching the mental, emotional and physical aptitudes required to integrate into a homogeneous society.

More Teachers - and lets keep them safe

Notional will ensure that teachers are paid according to their performance. Notional has determined a payscale based on the 'babysitter scale'. A decent babysitter gets $10/hour:

Basic teaching scales under Notional:

$10/hour x 25 students/hour x 6 hours/day x 152 days/year (varies) = $228,000 pa.

This represents the base salary for a typical secondary school teacher. Variables of days and number of children per class can modify this rate.

In a response to classroom violence Notional propose two key policies:

  • The biggest kid in the class will be offered extra credits for keeping teacher safe
  • Tasers will be trialled in a number of target schools.

No Zoning

Notional will remove the terrible burden of making students go to school with people from the community they live in. Sometimes it's bad enough just seeing your neighbours, let alone having to spend all day in a classroom with them. Ron had heaps of mates who 'lived' with their Aunties and Uncles just so they could go to school further away from him. Unfortunately the idea of distance stayed with them and they're now working in Financial Futures in London.