Ron says pee on tree


Ron Loves the Environment

Ron is part of the EnviRONment and is very sad to hear that human life on Earth will soon end. Even the thought of more beachline from rising sea levels doesn't cheer him up.

Kyoto and the Economy

There are some definite short-term economic benefits to becoming a dirty country. It's cheaper and is a lot less effort then staying green. Pollution and profit seem to go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately money in the bank and carbon-credits won't stop the next ice-age. Ron reckons it's really sad that the USA has withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol when they produce almost a quarter of the worlds polluting Carbon Dioxide. Notional will never use the USA as an example for environment policy. Every country should do it's bit no matter what the size. Setting targets that match the bad examples is all too easy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renewable

Notional will:

  • Aggressively target 'Environment Terrorists' and polluters within our shores
  • seek power in the wind and waves, man
  • regulate Junk mail production
  • ban free plastic bags
  • create an 0800 TURD line for surfers.

Environmental Science

Notional acknowledges that most scientific opinion says that human activity is contributing to global warming. Ron reckons that scientists with property at sea-level ought to know!