Workout with Ron

Ron on Health


Healthy People

The Notional Party are really into health. Ron thinks that we need to spend more on our medical staff, he's even met a few doctors driving cabs to make ends meet. Notional policy will prioritise spending in the health system and reduce paperwork. The senior managers of DHBs will be able to personally perform at least one operation per month, they're far too important to be sitting behind a desk.

Increased spending on health

Ron commits to increasing the amount spent on health care. Health is the most important policy to the Notional Party and Ron fully expects to need extensive health care in the future (which he hopes the party's private health care policy will cover).

Decreased Spending on health

Ron might lower taxes and will have less money to spend on health care. If this happens he reckons since insurers will save millions in tax they'll lower the cost of premiums for private patients. Everyone will be able to go private! Sweet As!

More Workouts

Ron reckons we need to work out more to stay healthy. To support effective workouts the Notional Party will supply a track listing for the "The best workout CD in the world ever", current contenders are ACDC - Thunderstruck, Gunners - Welcome to the Jungle and Whitneys - I'm Every Woman. On gaining a second term in power Ron will personally release "The best workout CD in the world ever 2".