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Hi I'm Ron Trash,

I'm a simple guy out to make a difference and I love New Zealand. This political parody party is all about ideas that's why it's called the Notional Party.

Ron for President of New Zealand

People say to me all the time "Ron, you should run for President!" and, you know, that's what I'm going to do. I have experience in State Services having been in receipt of a Government based income for several years. Now people say "Ron you're the man for the job".

Let my policies do the talking

My biggest worry (outside of a flat day on the South Coast) was how I would cope with the constant pressure and cut-throat world of professional politics. I've been researching the job and by looking at the various websites can see that there's no need to be bashing and trashing your opponents. If you've got strong policies of your own that's enough. I think my key policy, Wednesdays Off - everything else will just sort itself out, says it all.

Latest News

Friday 17. of November 2006 Ron Seeks Email Injunction

Ron Trash has lost the paper with his gmail password written on it.

Thursday 16. of November 2006 Coastal Watch -keep your eyes on the ice

Notional are encouraging all New Zealanders to join their new Coastal Watch Campaign.

Tuesday 14. of November 2006 Notional Announce West Coast Stadium

New West Coast Stadium for 2011 Rugby World Cup

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