Ron meets a new New Zealander

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Some of Ron's best friends come from other countries, so he reckons we should be pretty open to immigrants. New New Zealanders offer a lot to our culture, in particular the great food, movies and music they bring, but not Euro-Pop, that's crap.

Weeding out the bad ones

Of course Immigration brings risks and with that great responsibilities for ensuring that our way of life and culture is protected. Notional has identified countries that form a 'Nexus of Evil'. The shocking human rights records of places like Sweden, Canada and the Republic of San Marino means that citizens of these countries will be screened heavily and held without trial for up to 20 years when seeking refugee status.

Skilled Migrants - Apply Here

Notional believes that many of our best and brightest leave NZ to seek opportunity overseas. Ron points to Shihad and Pacifier as just two examples of bands who have had to leave our green shores. Notional will be checking out the whole points system thing to make sure that skill shortages can be filled by foreigners.