crime is illegal

Law & Order

Ron thought that was an excellent TV show and that it taught us valuable lessons about the police who investigate crime and the DAs who prosecute offenders.

Build more Prisons and let Private Companies run them

The obvious solution to crime is to lock everyone up and keep them locked up. Ron thinks the private sector has lots to offer here. Since large corporations have proved themselves above reproach legally they are in an ideal position to build and run jails. Ron reckons keeping people locked up will definitely make investing in prisons an attractive proposition.

Rons' 'Pay per Cell' approach will also raise the standard of prisoners across NZ and create a tiered incarceration structure.

Crime Prevention

The reason we have so many people breaking the law is because so much stuff is illegal. Ron proposes a sweeping Judicial Review that will probably legalise most stuff*. Because there will be fewer laws to uphold the number of cops per crime will actually increase by 200%.

*Laws governing pollution, speeding and violent crimes will be toughened

Tougher Penalties for wasting Police time

Ron thinks a lot of time and money is wasted on false Police reports. People who dial 111 and make false allegations will face stiff penalities. A first offence will result in a stern warning and possible loss of Shortland Street privileges (not all will see this as punitive). Tougher penalties include enforced Survivor Series viewing and Paul Holmes CD listening. Political parties will not be exempt from this law.