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Meet Ron

Meet Ron

Ron Trash - Party Leader

When I was at school my teachers would always say "Ron you'll never make a living out of being the party leader", well Mr Hudsucker take a look at me now!

1960s Upheaval

I was born in Wellington in the 60's, a time of tremendous change, drinking hours were extended, TV was broadcast in Auckland, the pound become a dollar and Led Zeppelin released their first album thus changing the way music would be played forever. Of course there was heaps of other stuff going on but I was too young to remember that.

1984 Political Awakening

I first became interested in politics in 1984 when I signed on for my first stint of 'working for the Government'. Those were good days and a year that can produce albums such as Ted Nugent's Penetrator and the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack will forever be immortalised. There was also a snap election this year but I mostly slept through that.

Into the New Century

At the beginning of the 21st centruy I decided to take a more active interest in the environment and the health and well-being of those in our nation. As a keen surfer I was sick of the pollutants and waste washing up on our shores. Some of the worst polluters were record companies trying to fob off generic pop and recycled ballads and then blaming downloading for reduced sales. It was time to get real... the new age had dawned.