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23.11.06 17:21 Age: 13 yrs

A Spank a Day...


Spanking reform hits the spot

Ron Trash of the Notional Party has added his opinion to the spanking debate. "I'm very disappointed to hear that spanking is about to be banned, I love a good spanking" said Ron, "and what will all the monkeys to do with no one to spank them?"

Ron, who has been in receipt of several spankings over the years is surprised that after recent liberalisation of prostitution and sexual law reform that the simple act of spanking will no longer be possible. Ron accepts that there will be exceptions and certainly trusts the judgement of our local law enforcement to decide if someone is spanking in an inappropriate way. "It's great that the police will be able to decide when to take action - it's kind of like them becoming judges and stuff. Pretty soon we can do away with the courts altogther and cut out the middle men."

Ron is wondering if the recent introduction of Tasers will replace the lost sensations of spanking and if the electrical stimulation will be available to anyone who needs it.