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16.11.06 09:29 Age: 13 yrs

Coastal Watch -keep your eyes on the ice


Notional are encouraging all New Zealanders to join their new Coastal Watch Campaign.

Encouraged by the recent arrival and quicker departure of Al Gore into New Zealand, Notional have launched a new campaign to meet the issue of Global Warming.

iceberg watch"Coastal Watch" will not only assist NZ economically but also help other countries suffering the effects of drastic climatic changes. "Third World countries such as Australia need our help, you know" says Ron Trash, Notional Party Leader.

Coastal Watch is an initiative to detect icebergs as they float into New Zealand waters. Once sighted, "berg wranglers" will photograph and add the bergs to an international auction website where they will be sold to the highest bidding country. 'Sold with reserve met' bergs will then be towed to their destination country where they will alleviate drought, provide drinking water or give kids the chance to ice-skate for the first time.

Queried on whether the icebergs would melt before arriving at the destination, Ron pointed out that auction websites don't do anything when the 'goods aren't as described anyway' so who cares?

Notional are encouraging every Kiwi to do their bit, "joining Coastal Watch today shows that you care."