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07.11.06 15:39 Age: 14 yrs

Fireworks Ban Banned


Ban ban makes everyone double happy

Ron demonstrates firework safetyRon Trash announced today that Notional, when elected, will be seeking a lifetime ban on fireworks bans.

Ron believes that it is not fireworks that cause the annual Guy Fawkes problems, "fireworks are just a small part of the problem, you know". In a statement issued while tossing 5-year old fire crackers at his next-door neighbours Ron pointed out that many injuries are caused because "of the irresponsible people who get out of the way too slow".

Ron went further to state that fireworks in fact build stronger communities "everyone comes out for a fire, eh, for some communities it is the only time they connect all year.  There's nothing like a bucket chain to bring people together."

Notional's Ban ban will ensure that skyrockets, tom thumbs and other incendiary display items are available for sale by Guy Fawkes 2007.