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25.06.07 15:50 Age: 12 yrs

Interest Rates Uninteresting


Ron Trash of Notional releases statement on interest rates.

Ron Trash, Leader of the Notional Party, has released a statement defining the parties view relating to interest rates. "Interest Rates are not interesting" said Ron from his Mothers kitchen and campaign HQ.

"Thousands of Kiwis know nothing about them, you know, and even though they ,like, change all the time, they seem really boring." Ron's view seems to reflect that of most of the people he knows. "I watch a lot of TV" states neighbour Malcolm Highbury, "you don't see much about interest rates on there, apart from in the news, and look at the people talking about them, blah bla blah".

When elected Ron will work with leading economists to see what can be done to make interest rates more interesting. "I reckon a bit more sexiness from the Reverse Bank could get people a bit more behind interest rates. Even interest rate hikes, you know, for people who like the outdoors could be a good idea."