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05.07.07 16:03 Age: 12 yrs

No Photos in Parliament


Notional's proposal prevents parody in parliament

ron privacyNotional today announced a wide reaching amendment to Parliament's new Television Guidelines. "censorship is a really sensitive issue, you know" said Ron Trash, "and it has to be done right otherwise it looks like you're trying to cover something up"

The proposed amendment would see all images of politicians at work 'cleansed' to protect the identity and activity of the member. Cleansing will include masking, blurs, backlight-effect and for print media a join-the-dots option. Ron's Mum is stoked as it means Ron will have heaps more privacy if the amendment is passed.

Ron believes that the new guidelines are very fair " Politicians are just like you and me. It's not like regular people get fired for sleeping on the job, swearing at colleagues or reading the paper at meetings, so why should Members of Parliament get grief for it, eh?"

Ron continued "parody is the lowest form of wit, you know, after sarcasm. Why should people be allowed to take the piss out of our hardest working, most trustworthiest states-people?".