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07.12.06 09:07 Age: 13 yrs

Don Quay Ends up on his Ass


Party Stability Returns as young upstart thwarted

Ron celebrates his leadershipRumours of a Notional leadership challenge have been quashed by the rising star Of New Zealand politics, Ron Trash. The party announced today that upstart Don Quay will not be vying for the leadership. Ron arrived back to the capital today after a week of surfing up north and was pleased to find everything was sorted and stuff.

"We used to be best mates and lived a couple of trailers apart, then Don moved into a State house and got all up himself", said Ron, "when he became a big financial success with that Lotto win he changed, and he's forgotten his roots, you know."

Ron who was a guest of big tobacco at the U2 concert in Auckland used the break to relax and forget the hassle of the leadership challenge. "I was pretty stressed, eh, I can't even remember what happened at the gig, but I know the corporate box was more like a mosh pit. One guy even started a fight. Those tobacco pushers rock man, I guess you have to seize the moment with a shortened life expectancy from smoking"

Ron is ready to offer the palm of peace to Don "we're so alike, you know, we have the same interests, I even pashed his girlfriend in third form. I offered Don the Gender Affairs portfolio so hopefully he'll stay with the party"