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06.02.07 15:40 Age: 12 yrs

Notional Members Thwart Marlborough Ball Plot


Notional members help police spot dangerous soccer playing youth.

Notional members attending the 2007 Brews Blues and Barbecues event in Blenheim helped the Marlborough Constabulary spot two hypothetically dangerous young potential offenders.

Members walking towards Blenheim post-event saw the two young men dribbling a soccer ball up the footpath. Ron Trash who was present at the time explains "these guys were dribbling a soccer ball up the footpath when they were spotted by local police who luckily were nearby. The police pulled their vehicle to the wrong side of the road, I can't recall them even using the car indicators it happened so fast, they told the young men that hypothetically that ball was a potential weapon. I reckon it was probably made in China too. The guys crossed the road where they then dribbled the ball on the other footpath. Luckily they were spotted and a patrol car swooped in and officers confiscated the ball" 

Notional are not sure if the Marlborough police called on the range of powers they have to deal with threats to national security, including powers in the Arms Act 1983, the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act 1996, the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996, and the International Terrorism (Emergency Powers) Act 1987, or whether they merely acted on their own initiative to remove the highly dangerous article.

Ron Trash had this to say "to those officers who carried out this brave act, congratulations, I'm sure the reciept you issued (in respect of the seized item and according to the NZ Bill of Rights Act covering search and seizure) will be a constant reminder to those theoretical hoodlums about the risks of using a sports ball in public."