Save the Glass

Save the Glass

Ban the Glass! Kiss my Don Quay

Ron Trash of Notional announced a new campaign to save glasses at Marlborough's premier Beer Festival. Worried about a hypothetical situation where the town of Blenheim could be taken hostage by glass wielding beer drinkers the Marlborough Liquor Enforcement Group (LEG) have taken the decision to ban glasses at the Annual Blues, Booze and Barbeques event.

Ron, disgusted at this move stated "it's disgusting, the beer mugs at the festival are both reusable and recyclable and now they want to replace them with plastic! What about the wine festival a week later? They'll hate drinking their Pinot out of plastic stems, you know."

Ron aware of concerns by the local police has suggested that all glass should be banned in Marlborough because of the risk of injury. "I cut my foot on a broken energy drink bottle purchased at the Supermarket, how are they going to cope with the glass ban? I'm afraid it's all or nothing" continued Ron, "ban all glass or ban none"

Ron was concerned that as the police are now using hypothetical situations to justify discrimination then other activities should be banned too. Ron cites the danger of paper cuts, choking on ice block sticks, shock deafness from high pitched sirens and the risk of peak oil from plastic over-production as just some of the possible dangerous situations facing humans.

Ron is urging those opposed to the ban to sign the petition below. Also leave a message below and tell Notional your feelings (either way) on the situation.