wasted watch

Wasted Watch

There's just so much Waste

Waste - Ron hates it. There's only so many times you can paddle over a huberknuckle before you realise there's just too much waste.

Kids in the Garden

It's not just the physical waste that Ron finds hard to take. Just the other day, he was trying to explain to his nephew Bob that every time he told a tattle-tale, he wasted not only Ron's time, but also his own as well as the time of all the other kids he was digging the garden with.

"Time wasting just to score a few points just isn't on," Ron told Bob. "Pretty soon no one will believe your far-fetched tales, and when they figure out how much waste you're causing, they'll be really mad!"

Appropriately chastised, Bob nodded and realised that he could earn more respect by emphasising his positive points. Now the kids have a new game: they work together to dig the garden, each using their skills to create a stronger garden instead of distracting each other from the job at hand.

What a great way to reduce waste, eh?