Wednesdays Off

Wednesdays Off

Two-days-on One-day-off, Two-days-on Two-days-off

One of Notional's key policies is the most simple: Wednesdays Off. Ron believes the positve impact of a mid-week break would alleviate many stresses on both the individual and our entire social system.

We work too much. Ron feels that our society has been indoctrinated by the five-day work week habit. Who came up with the idea of only two days off per week in the first place anyway, and why are we still using that as our working guideline?

Imagine a world where everyone gets a day off in the middle of the week, but still receives the same pay. You could get your house-work, grocery shopping and parental visits out of the way on Wednesday, which would leave the entire weekend free for surfing, playing with cats and whatever else people do to relax.

Because Ron can guess what it's like working in an office: how much time per week do you spend just spacing out in front of your computer? Ron figures that probably adds up to about 8 hours, so why not just take a day off in the middle of the week?

Wednesdays Off and Health

In New Zealand, almost all of the $9 billion health budget is being spent treating people who are already sick, rather than trying to prevent them from becoming ill in the first place. Ron feels that when everyone has Wednesdays off, everything will just sort itself out. People won't get as sick, because they'll be able to sleep in on Wednesdays. Ron estimates he can save $1.8 billion from the health budget alone.

In addition, Ron has yet to read the PricewaterhouseCoopers Report of 2000, so if there is some kind of crisis in residential care for the elderly, he cannot be blamed, ok? But this crisis (if it does exist) will be allayed by the fact that everyone will have an extra day to visit their parents.

Wednesdays Off and Crime

Well, there will always be crime. Though Ron believes that under the Wednesdays Off Act, mid-week crime will decrease significantly, by up to 100%. Work-related crime will likely decrease by 20%.

Wednesdays Off and Essential Services

You may be wondering how the Wednesdays Off Act will impact essential services like Fire, Police and Ambulance. Don't worry, we're not the type of Party to fire the Firefighters! Instead, Wednesdays will be covered by people in receipt of a Government Benefit, who already have the rest of the week off. They'll undergo a short training programme and be ready to cover any role.