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Ron and the Butterflies


Welcome, welcome to you the people of New Zealand.

Welcome, welcome to you the citizens of other Nations.

Welcome, welcome to the birds, insects, animals and other creatures that make up our great planet Earth.

Welcome also to any left out from any of the above welcomes.

My name is Ron Trash and I welcome you to the website; I love you man.

Please take some time to look around, make yourself comfortable and read up on what we're about. The Notional Party wants you to feel right at home. We've been kind of putting some policies together and stuff and feel it's time for us to emerge onto the New Zealand political landscape.

We harmoniously welcome our brother and sister politicians, maybe we can work together... some of our policies are sweet as. And even if we are opposed, that's cool too man, we won't dish out on you.

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Ron for President